And we thought the parents who were ragging on Hide and Seek were insane! Here is another one from the crazy and overprotective adults files - Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council has banned children from blowing out the candles on birthday cakes in school. What a downer! What kind of party has no birthday candles?! I expect the next big news to be the outlawing of pinatas because of the (hilarious) injuries caused when you give a bat to a blindfolded person and tell them to swing away.

Maybe they have a point with the blowing out candles. Some kids do tend to spit quite a bit when they extinguish the flames and every once in a while you get the kid who sneezes on the cake. Wasn't it just yesterday though that we were told exposing our kids to these germs would make them stronger? Especially when those germs are covered in cake and ice cream!

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via (Yahoo)