KOOL Kritters

KOOL Kritter Dexter At The Twin Falls Animal Shelter
Dexter is a loving male Pit Bull at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter and he's been there a really long time! He loves big dogs and playing with them - he's not fond of small dogs and cats! He would do really well in a home that has another larger dog so he has someone to wrestle and…
KOOL Kritter Katie Is Looking For A New Summer Home
Katie is a chow/labrador/shepherd blend female. She has a luxurious mane of hair and is looking for someone that will be diligent about brushing it, since she lacks the opposable thumbs to do it. Katie is an elderly dog that would love a new home to make her own.
Little Is An Elderly Dog Needing A Home – KOOL Kritter
"Little" is a lovely senior Labrador. She's wonderful with other dogs, cats and kids. She may look older, but still has a lot of years still ahead of her, and she'd make a wonderful dog for a first-time owner.
If you would like to adopt 'Little&apo…
When Is The 2016 Furr Ball Fundraiser
Every day of the year the Twin Falls Animal Shelter makes an impact on our community by taking in, caring for, and finding homes for cats and dogs (and sometimes chickens and bunnies)! The Furr Ball is their biggest fundraiser of the year and helps with the emergency care fund.
KOOL Kritter – Peekaboo Has Her Eyes On Your Home
Peekaboo is so much fun, she is even playing in her picture! She is a loving and clever girl and very well mannered.
If you would like to adopt ‘Peekaboo’ or any of the KOOL Kritters, just stop by the Twin Falls Animal Shelter
KOOL Kritter – Hank Needs A Home
This KOOL Kritter Hank is quite the fantastic feline! He's very friendly and loves making new friends. He's hoping to find a new home for the new year. Please come in and meet him and see for yourself why he's so awesome!
Take KOOL Kritter Sebastian Home For The Holidays [VIDEO]
This is Sebastian - a mellow, well-mannered, and friendly Lab/ Shar Pei mix. He's an independent dog who loves a good snuggle. He would also enjoy a quiet home with small and female dogs, but he's not very fond of cats. He's been at the shelter longer than any other res…

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