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Paradise Is Looking For A Home To Nap In – KOOL Kritters
UPDATE 8/3/2015 - Paradise has been adopted! Visit the shelter for more adoptable cats and dogs.
Paradise is a sweet 9 year old kitty who loves taking naps (as shown in the picture above). She does well with other cats but would love to be the queen of the castle with nobody bothering her.
Bubba The Dog Needs A Forever Home – KOOL Kritter
Bubba Gump is the biggest sweetheart and the smartest dog at the shelter right now! He's also very rambunctious with a lot of energy, but he's having private lessons with the dog trainer here and learning how to be a good dog. With a good loving home and a stable environment where boundari…
Sassy ‘Sarah’ Is Looking For A Fun Family – KOOL Kritter
Hello, I'm 'Sarah' and I am a sassy little girl! I love people and am very affectionate. I like going for walks and I like staying inside with my people. Here is the "sassy" part...I am not that great with other dogs and can be quite bossy. I am totally spunky, loving, and have as much li…
‘Black Bear’ Up For Adoption – KOOL Kritter
'Black Bear' is a three year old Lab/Shepherd cross (not actually a bear). He has been at the shelter for over a month, but he's an amazing dog with a great personality. He is compatible with and thrives in nearly all situations with other dogs, cats, and kids.
This Puppy Is Loaded With Energy And Love – KOOL Kritter
Stuie is a 6 month old neutered male Heeler mix with an outgoing personality who is always ready to play.  He is great with other dogs and would love a playful canine companion in his new home.  He is an active boy but is very smart and will be easy to train.

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