KOOL Kritters

‘Black Bear’ Up For Adoption – KOOL Kritter
'Black Bear' is a three year old Lab/Shepherd cross (not actually a bear). He has been at the shelter for over a month, but he's an amazing dog with a great personality. He is compatible with and thrives in nearly all situations with other dogs, cats, and kids.
This Puppy Is Loaded With Energy And Love – KOOL Kritter
Stuie is a 6 month old neutered male Heeler mix with an outgoing personality who is always ready to play.  He is great with other dogs and would love a playful canine companion in his new home.  He is an active boy but is very smart and will be easy to train.
‘Sassafras’ Would Love To Be Your Valentine – KOOL Kritter
This is 'Sassafras' and she would love to be your Valentine! She is a two year old Pit/Collie mix she is social, good on a leash, good with other dogs and curious about cats... but co-exists well with the Shelters' resident cats. Give her a chance to prove herself at a new permanent h…
Starsky Needs A Cool Family To Love – KOOL Kritter
Starsky is a 6 year old female retriever/collie mix.  She is a very easy going dog who gets along with dogs and cats alike. Starsky will be a low maintenance pet who will enjoy regular walks but does not require a high energy outlet.
We’re Bringing Out The Big Dogs – KOOL Kritter
This week we're bringing out the big dogs! Galena is a  5-6 year old female mastiff blend.  She is a big love and gets along with everyone.  She is good with dogs and cats alike but might steal your lunch (as well as your heart) if you aren't watching.

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