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Easy April Fool’s Day Pranks
Oh boy! April Fool's Day is finally here. To help you out if you have procrastinated your prank planning we have a list of easy April Fool's Day pranks you can pull at home or at work.
What’s A Gross Smell That You Actually Like?
Every time I go to the gas station with my son Titus he comments on the smell. Most of us notice the gas fumes, but he says that he likes the smell! My wife likes the smell of steamed vegetables (which I think smell worse than a truck stop bathroom)! What's a gross smell that you actually like?
Man Gets Divorced So He Can Go To Mars
There is a company that is sending people to Mars to die! I don't know what is more surprising - that so many people signed up for this or that all the applicants aren't living in their parent's basement? This story just came out from one of the finalist for the trip - the guy is gett…
What Is The Worst Idea You Had As A Kid?
There are many reasons that we leave adults in charge of children and we don't let a 5 year old kid be in charge of watching a bunch of younger kids. The main reason - kids make really dumb choices. What is the worst idea you had as a kid?
Woman Divorces Husband Because Of How He Eats His Peas
It is tough being married - but usually the good times outweigh the bad times. But, every once in a while there is just something so wrong and annoying with your spouse that you can't take it any more! Such was the case of the woman who divorced her husband because of how he eats his peas.

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