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7 Signs That You Haven’t Grown Up Yet
At some point in our life we will look back and think about our childhood. Some of us will see the same person we are today because we are always going to be immature. Here are the top 7 signs that you haven't grown up yet.
Facebook Can Help You Get Out Of Jail
Thanks to Facebook and other social network sites the job of detectives and police officers has been a bit easier lately...in some cases. In fact, Facebook has been the source of information that has solved cases! Now - it's helping out the other side. Facebook can help you get out of jail.
New Reality TV Show Will Have Celebrities Doing Gymnastics
There is no question that Reality TV is here to stay and here is some good news if you are a fan of shows like Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, and the diving show Splash. There will soon be a new reality TV show that will have celebrities doing gymnastics!
6 Things Women Wear That Men Hate
Very rarely do men get asked advice on style by women - except for the occasional does this make my (whatever body part) look big? This is because women are better with style than most men. Nevertheless, a survey was done asking for the things women wear that men hate.
Do You Like Your Voice?
Here at the radio station I get to interview a lot of people who have never spoken into a microphone or really heard what their voice sounds like to others. The typical reaction is surprise and some people seem upset at how the rest of the world hears them.
Your Facebook Friends Could Ruin Your Credit
Facebook has been linked to a lot of good things - like reuniting family members, and solving crimes. It has also been linked to a ton of bad things - depression, total lack of privacy, and now this! Your Facebook friends could ruin your credit score.
Should Kids Wear Informative Tattoos To School?
When I first saw this product I really wanted to make fun of it - but it just makes so much sense! Safety Tats are temporary tattoos for your kids (or elderly people) that you can write important information on like phone numbers, name, or allergies. Should kids wear informative tattoos to school

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