This will take a bit of explaining, but I'm being terrorized by a bug. Yes, bugs are everywhere this time of year, but this one is special. It's a very large mantis and his name is "Jerry". 

Have you noticed there have been a ton of mantis in the Magic Valley this year? Gee whiz.

Jerry first appeared near the side of my house trying to disguise himself like a leaf.

Doc Holliday

I was fine with the hiding stuff. Pretend you're not really there. No problem. I was armed with a weed eater at that time, so hiding was probably a good idea. I had no bad intentions toward Jerry...until he decided not to hide anymore.

Doc Holliday

I'm pretty sure those are fangs. 

I just want you to know that I did not kill Jerry. I left him playing happily in my yard since mantis tend to like to feed on spiders. I like spiders way less than I like Jerry.

If you see a mantis in your garden and/or yard, best to leave them be. They do more good than they do harm. Jerry shared this with me to assure me he's a good neighbor (unlike the backyard sprinkler guy).

How did this mantis become Jerry? My kids name stuff.