What's going on?

Which Musicians Sing About Cars Most
Beach Boys sang about cars a lot, Springsteen had his share of automotive mentions, and it is an ongoing assumption that all country songs mention cars/trucks.
Average MV Commute Time
I've lived in Utah, Kansas, and Nevada before moving here and my work commute round trip has been anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes.
KOOL Cash Code Times
The KOOL Cash codes are back and that means 3 chances every weekday to win between $500 and $5,000!
George Foreman Coming To Idaho For Award
Foreman already has a small connection to Idaho (besides the often used Foreman Grill on my home counter) in that he once fought BSU Football star Jimmy Ellis.
Do You Go Camping Or Glamping?
I've camped with all types: tent camping, RV, cabins, under the stars on the dirt, and one guy would only sleep in a hammock!
How To Put An End To Annoying Robocalls
Once in a while it will just look like a regular number and I still don't answer it because who really still answers a phone call from an unknown number these days?