blood drive

Twin Falls Blood Drive
The American Red Cross is holding a blood driving in Twin Falls.
Give the gift of life this holiday season!

Monday, December 7th from 1pm to 7pm
Tuesday, December 8th from noon to 6pm
Wednesday, December 9th from 9am to 1pm

Call Sharla at 734-4566 for an appointment
Don’t Tell Dracula – Twin Falls Blood Drive Is Next Week
The need for blood is an ongoing problem at hospitals. That is why it is so important and often talked about. There seems to be a blood drive going on any given day, yet the need remains high. You have a chance to donate your blood on Monday October 15 through Wednesday the 17th at the Church of the…
Twin Falls American Red Cross Blood Drive
There is currently a critical blood shortage and the American Red Cross needs your help. Especially if you have Type O blood.
According to the American Red Cross, In May and June, donations were at the lowest level the Red Cross has seen in over a dozen years, while demand for blood products remained…