Operation Deployment Sending Supplies To Troops – How You Can Help
I think we can all agree that it is crazy that our troops don't have all of the basic necessities and supplies. Because of that it is essential that we band together as a community to support any true effort to help our troops and share the love and appreciation we have for them. This is one of…
How Can You Help The Displaced Families In Jerome?
The fire on Main Street in Jerome has left 10 families, 47 people, without a home. Fire is something we all pray doesn't happen to our homes. My heart goes out to these people. I can not imagine not having a place for my family to go. It is times like these that it is important to support other…
Donate 3 Cans Of Food To See A Movie
It's time for the South Central Community Partnership 2011 Can of Food Matinee. Come see Kung Fu Panda 2 and The Smurfs on Saturday November 12th at the Twin Falls Cinema 12.
Help With American Red Cross Disaster Relief
The American Red Cross is accepting donations to help in the wake of a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Those who wish to donate can do so at or make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999. The money will go to those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throu…