Top 6 Things Found By The TSA Last Year
Everybody seems to hate the TSA. And I mean everybody! I bet that when a TSA worker goes through the line before they fly - they hate the TSA. But, for all the hate they get, they do keep a ton of crazy stuff off the planes.
Airline Upgrades Marines To First Class Seats
This is something that should happen a lot more frequently. In fact, if I had money and flew more often I would love to do this! American Airlines upgraded 6 marines to first class seating. Which is awesome - but it gets better.
Our Helicopter Tour Of Twin Falls
Silverhawk Aviation’s plan is simple: see some of the remarkable landmarks around Twin Falls from the air in a 25 minute helicopter tour. On Friday, May 20th, 95.7 KEZJ’s Terry Morgan, KOOL 96.5’s Nate Bird, and 98.3 The Snake’s Kendra Wolfe got to do just that. The flight and views were amazing, pl…
Richard Simmons In Flight Safety Video [VIDEO]
Air New Zealand
Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a Disco flight.  Everything you need to know about safe air travel you can learn in three minutes.  And who better to teach you about safety and stretching than Richard Simmons (who is looking great, by the way)