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Do Idahoans Still Care About Space Travel
Last night, I was driving through a light misting of rain and noticed that the moon looked really cool as it came up through the clouds. Plus, since we are close to Halloween I imagined that this is what it looks like when the werewolves get anxious!
As I was staring at the moon, something awesome wa…
Would You Like A Space Shuttle In Twin Falls
The space shuttle program is over and the shuttles have been retired...or bought by somebody with disposable income. One of the Shuttles is heading to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. If the Magic Valley was going to be the final resting place for a space shuttle, where would you put it?
Today NASA Launches Atlantis For The Last Time [VIDEO]
Space, the final frontier - to infinity and beyond - set phasers to stun!  We have always been fascinated by space and space travel. Today is the landmark day in history for NASA as they launch their final space shuttle Atlantis. The shuttle will launch this morning, weather permitting.
Challenger Disaster Remembered
So many little kids answer astronaut when they're asked what they want to be when they grow up. Space exploration is something that many people are still in awe over. It's  always amazing to me when I realize we've been to the moon, and think of all of the discoveries we've made. Yet there are a…