How Much Could The Government Save By Switching Fonts
It seems that politicians are always talking about budgets. We either have too much money (yeah right) or we don't have enough and we need to make cuts somewhere. How about this - how much could the government save by switching fonts on their printed papers?
Top 5 Ways To Waste Time At Work
As adults we have to work. We have to get a job so we can pay for everything that mom and dad used to pay for. But an interesting thing about work is that it isn't all work. There are even ways you can work and waste time at the same time. These are the top 5 ways to waste time at work.
We Waste An Hour Each Day At Work By Not Working
Judging by my own experience the number seems pretty low. But a new study found that the average person wastes an hour each day at work doing non-work related things. Like if you are at work right now reading this...though I wouldn't call it a waste of time.
Idaho to Get USS Enterprise Spent Nuclear Fuel
IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) — A Navy spokesman says spent nuclear fuel from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise that is being decommissioned Dec. 1 will be sent to eastern Idaho for study and storage. Tom Dougan of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program tells the Post Register the spent fu…
Ladies – Meet Mr. Average
I'll admit that as a guy, I waste a lot more time than my wife.  She is great at multi-tasking and knowing that I am not multi-tasking...so she's kinda triple tasking :)  A new survey reveals that - big surprise - I'm not the only guy who doesn't use every moment of my …