Check Out These Yards Overrun With Dandelions [VIDEO]
I have never had a good lawn at my house. That doesn't mean I don't try - we really do. But for some reason we just don't have a lush green lawn. So it makes me sad to see people with really nice lawns next to a lawn full of weeds. It just doesn't seem fair to those taking the ti…
How To Make The Most Money During A Yard Sale
It is Springtime and that definitely means doing some cleaning in my house! We have 4 kids and it is past time to get rid of a few boxes of tiny kid clothes and toys. We could donate them...but I like money so I think a yard sale is the best way to go
The First Lawn Mowing Of The Year
Spring has actually arrived in the Magic Valley! The trees are budding, people are sneezing, and I mowed my lawn! It was actually past time to mow since some of the grass was 7 inches and bogged the mower down more than a few times.
Winter Yard Work [POLL]
Yesterday, since it wasn't snowing - my wife decided I needed to go outside and put together the trampoline, even though it was only 42 degrees!