Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I hope it was magical. But if for some reason it wasn’t and you found yourself with nothing to say to your sweetheart at dinner, then you may be able to blame your phone! Modern technology has ruined the "how was your day?" dinner conversation.  According to a new survey, the average young couple texts or calls each other 20 times a day and the average couple over age 50 texts or calls each other nine times a day.  The survey also found that 28% of people believe their cell phone is actually more helpful than their significant other.

Speaking of phones, here’s a random fact - by the end of the year, Earth will have more smart phones than humans! Around this time in 2007, Apple had just announced the iPhone, BlackBerries were still mostly used by business people, and "Droid" was still a "Star Wars" term!  We've come a long way in five years. It's estimated that by the end of this year, there will be more smartphones than humans on the planet as we pass the seven billion smart phone mark.  That is something that blows my mind – why are there more phones than people? I know some people have more than one phone, but some people don’t have a phone at all.

Also if you want to feel old and that time is flying by, it was 7 years ago in 2005 that YouTube was launched in the U.S. Crazy to think of how many useless cat videos we have watched since then!