Do I think there will ever be an actual Zombie Apocalypse? No. But, I have been wrong before and I'd like to be on the safe side whenever possible. Therefore, I leave you with these 10 best towns in Southern Idaho to be in if there ever is a zombie invasion.

FYI - I think Arco would be the WORST town to be in. Zombies with Atomic Powers? No Thanks.

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    Albion would be great for one reason. If there are actually a bunch of zombies around you are going to get bit. Face it. Now that you have been bitten - imagine how cool the Haunted Mansion of Albion would be as an actual zombie!

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    Bruneau would be an excellent place to spend a zombie apocalypse. It's pretty secluded if you head out to the dunes and you'll probably have your motorbikes and atv's to outrun the zombie attacks.

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    Lava Hot Springs

    Honestly - if I'm going to go, I'm going out in comfort in a nice hot spring enjoying mother nature.

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    One word - alligators. I bet gators love zombies.

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    Twin Falls

    I'd set up camp on the Perrine Bridge and hopefully be able to push some zombies over the edge. If that fails - I'm going over. Zombies aren't going to turn this guy!

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    Sun Valley

    I bet Zombies have rich taste so they eat all the rich people around me first. Or I'll run out into the surrounding mountains and survive like an animal.

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    Shoshone would be an ideal place because you have options and roads to go in pretty much any direction you need to run.

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    Maybe Picabo isn't the best, but on the edge of Picabo is the Hayspur Fish Hatchery. You'll have lots of open space to spot zombies coming at you and plenty of fish to eat while you wait.

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    Let's face it - nobody wants to go to Chubbuck. Not even zombies. That makes it the perfect place to hide.

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    Grasmere is the best town to hide during a zombie apocalypse and here's why - do you know where Grasmere is (without looking on Google)? Nobody knows where it is so you'll be safe for a long time!