Fall is beautiful around Idaho. I dare say it might be the most beautiful time of the year. I know a lot of people in Idaho truly love this time of year, coming up anyway. Here are all the reasons that it is best to live in Idaho during autumn.


  • 1

    Fall foliage

    There are a ton of places to view the changing leaves. Going up to Sun Valley is absolutely stunning this time of year. I love leaf hunting.

  • 2

    Hunting Season

    Hunting season is fantastic. I personally love hunting even if I don't get anything because it is great to be outside in the crisp air watching the critters. But it is definitely better when you can get the big game and fill your freezer.

  • 3

    Weather changes

    Even if people hate the fall temperatures, that is ok because it is going to change hour by hour and day by day. One day during the fall it is going to be 85 degrees, the next it could be snowing. You can pretty much get every weather change during this time of year, in the same day.

  • 4

    Football Season

    College football, Boise State, Idaho State, University of Idaho. We love our football here.

  • 5

    Less yard maintenance

    You don't have to mow your yard as often, you don't have to weed as often and you don't have to water as often.

  • 6

    Apple spice

    Sure everyone else seems to like pumpkin spice but I swear apple spice is more popular here. We have some amazing places to get local apples as well.

  • 7

    Straw Mazes/Corn Mazes

    We have some incredible corn and straw mazes. They are super elaborate and a ton of family fun. In fact the one in Rupert holds the record for largest straw maze.

  • 8

    We have fall style

    Idahoans know how to dress for the fall. We love plaid, camouflage, boots. Shoot, Idahoans tend to wear it year round.

  • 9

    Fall Skiing

    It happens. There are times the ski resorts will open up early if we get a good snow and you can do some fall skiing. It may not be a weekly thing but it is fun when it happens.

  • 10

    Campfire and bon fire season

    Fall camping is the best around here. And you can have a bon fire in your back yard. The fire restrictions usually go away during the fall so cozy fires are the best.

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