Times are a changin'...especially when it comes to electronics! It seems to me that they release a new iPhone every few months, memory cards are getting smaller and holding more info, and nobody here knows how to use the fax machine anymore. A recent survey found what we think will most likely disappear from offices within the next 5 years. What do you think about the list? Do you agree or is something missing from the list?

#1.)  Tape recorders.  79% of people say they'll be gone within five years.  Since, ya know, in most places they were gone 10 years ago.

#2.)  Fax machines, 71%.

#3.)  The Rolodex, 58%.

#4.)  Standard '9-to-5' hours, 57%.

#5.)  Desk phones, 35%.

#6.)  Desktop computers, 34%.

#7.)  Formal business attire like suits, ties, and pantyhose, 27%.

#8.)  Corner offices for managers and executives, 21%.

#9.)  Cubicles, 19%.

#10.)  USB thumb drives, 17%.

#11.)  Offices with doors, 16%.

#12.)  Business cards, 15%.

#13.)  Copy machines, 13%

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