I have to say that I'm 50 percent surprised by the towns suggested in this list. I still consider Twin Falls to be a small town and it should top this list, but maybe I'm wrong?

Twin should be on a list of must visit places for many reasons - The Perrine Bridge is a must see and the Shoshone Falls are too (as long as they are flowing). Hagerman is also a must visit place in Southern Idaho and made their list at number 4. There are alligators, great fishing, you can boat on the river through the canyon, and the hot springs are worth the drive.

The surprise on the list from Only In Your State was the lovely small town of Kimberly. Their reasoning is simple - Kimberly is the safest little town in Idaho. They don't say there is a lot to do there, it's just a nice town. It's also nice that you can pass through it on your way to play in the South Hills!

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