The 48th Annual Idaho Regatta is coming up over the final weekend of June in Burley. Tickets are $20 for day passes and $40 for the weekend and can only be purchased at the event. But, if you like to plan ahead and have the tickets in hand you can enter to win free passes to the 2023 Idaho Regatta.

The Idaho Regatta is an exciting weekend of high-speed boat races on the Snake River in Burley, ID. The event usually hosts 10 classes of boats that run a 1.25-mile course which consists of 4 laps on a section of the river. Boats race around a buoyed section of the Snake River and at one point disappear behind an island in the river. What happens behind the island isn’t seen by spectators so they never know who will come out in the lead on the other side. Prizes and trophies are awarded to the top boats.

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Food and vendor booths will also be set up at the regatta. You can see a full schedule of events on the Idaho Regatta website. Events include a boat show and shine on Thursday, the boat parade on Friday, and races on Saturday and Sunday. This video shows what it's like to be on one of the race boats and skimming across the water at over 100 miles per hour.

Check out the video and pictures below of previous Idaho Regatta entrants and their boats on the water and in the parade.

Idaho Regatta

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