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One of the best ways to mancave your garden is to take the basic principles you would apply to an indoor mancave and simply move those ideas outside.

If you live in northern Siberia, or a tropical jungle that gets more than 300 days of rain a year, this probably won’t work for you. But if you’re lucky enough to live in a fairly warm, dry spot, you'll be all right. The only thing limiting what you can do with your backyard is your own imagination. Well, and your wallet.

Men, it’s time you create the backyard you want and deserve. (You work hard all week, after all.) Go ahead, treat yourself, and build the mancave of your dreams. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve your goal:

Set Up a Putting Green

Golf aficionados will love this idea. Even if you aren’t that keen on golf, a putting green can still be a lot of fun. Don’t get us wrong here—this isn’t going to be an elaborate mini-golf course. That’s for the kiddies. By setting up a border, pressing a patch of level earth compact with a plate compacter (you can rent these), and laying down your green (carpet), you’ll have a perfect section of backyard set aside for your putting green.

When you've finished building, you can sink a few golf balls and shoot the breeze with your pals. Plus, you’ll have a great excuse for anyone giving you a hard time about how lazy you might be—because now, in fact, you’ll be "exercising" while you putter about the green.

Build a Home Theater

Why laze around on your sofa watching movies inside when you can do the same outside? If you build an outdoor home theater, you can enjoy a warm summer night, or even a fire in your fire pit on a cool evening, while watching your favorite shows. There are cheaper, do-it-yourself options (white sheets, store-bought screens, video projectors) when it comes to outdoor screens, as well more expensive routes.

Special protective sheds can be built to house large TVs outside. Projectors can also be set up inside of a small hut, or inside the house, and project images onto a screen outside. It’s not really that difficult. And, of course, you can go wild with the comfy garden furniture you'll set up in front of your giant outdoor screen, ensuring that you’ll be able to relax in style, night after balmy night.

Buy an Outdoor Pool Table

This idea really is a no-brainer. You can buy a rugged outdoor pool table, or if you prefer, foosball table, and play your favorite games until the pool cues leave blisters on your fingers. While you might have to hand over a fair amount of cash to get a weather-resistant table, it will be worth the money. Just make sure you set up your table under some kind of protective covering, like a canopy or gazebo-type of area (which you can build) in your garden. Then all you have to do is play, and have loads of fun.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen will save you trips inside, give you a very good reason to entertain your buddies outside, and it will provide a great place to stock your alcoholic beverages. You’ll need to purchase a few rugged kitchen appliances and fixtures, but after that, the design is up to you (or your contractor). Grills, rock or slab counters, small fridges and a tough sink that can withstand the elements are all components that you can incorporate into your garden kitchen.

Some outdoor kitchens look fit for caveman use, while others will please the most discerning city dwellers. The choice here—since this is your perfect garden mancave, after all—is entirely up to you

Create a Garden Waterfall

backyard waterfall

Why would you want a massive garden waterfall? Why wouldn’t you? Every secret lair in popular fiction, from the Batcave to Tarzan’s hideout, is usually near, or hidden by, a mighty waterfall. The sound of cascading water is very soothing, and a big waterfall located in your garden is just plain cool. If you really want to get elaborate, you can add multiple steps to your waterfall, plus a small pond or stream at the bottom, depending on the size of your garden, your budget and how much free time you have to build the darn thing.

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