Sometimes parents get so focused on throwing epic parties for their kids that they forget how to party like adults. With kids, it's easy if you have cake and ice cream, presents, friends, and a cool location. When throwing a party for an adult, does it really need to be that much different? I'm cool with food, friends, and games. I also forget that since I'm an adult I can do whatever I want, which was exactly the dream when I was a kid.

Best Places in Twin Falls For An Adults Only Party

Some of the best places to party in Twin Falls are places you can party with kids or do an adults-only night.

Best Places For Adult Parties In Twin Falls

Parties and games aren't just for kids. Sometimes you want to abandon the kids at home and go have some real fun without them. Here are the best places to do that in Twin Falls.
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Adult Party Ideas In Twin Falls

Often I find that when I'm going to go out with my wife and friends we usually just go somewhere to eat and talk. If you crave more excitement than that you can check out these options in Twin Falls:

  • Axe Throwing
  • Bowling
  • Laser Tag
  • Nerf Gun Wars
  • Escape Rooms
  • Mini Golf
  • RPG Adventures

In the photo gallery above the list, we have links to each of the businesses so you can find out more about having a fun adult party with them.

Going Out With Adult Friends Can Be More Than Just Food And Drinks

We get comfortable as adults in doing things the easy way, even if it means the boring way. Some nights my wife and I want to hang out with friends but we are also tired from adulting so we only hang out rather than go out. That's OK. Just remember to treat yourself to some fun sometimes, even if that means you have to get out of your house.

Twin Blades Axe Throwing

Tag 'Em Up

Mobile Laser Tag Company Tag 'Em Up

Check Out Mary Alice Park in Twin Falls, ID

Mary Alice is an easily missed park, hidden in Twin Falls, but it should definitely not be missed if you want to visit the most magical park in town.

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