The weather is finally starting to cooperate and it is fun to take your pup with you wherever you go. At least, it is for me. It can be hard though to determine what places you can take your dog without causing an issue. We found some places around Twin Falls where you definitely need to take your dog with you the next time you go.


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    2nd South Market

    Their back patio "The Yard" has to be one of the most pet-friendly and accomodating places I have ever gone. They have bowls for water, they have treats to give your pup, everything is securely gated in, and it is wide open. So much entertainment goes on there that you and your pup will enjoy! Live music, great food, awesome atmosphere, a must stop with the pups.

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    Main Street

    Pretty much anything down Main Street is pet friendly as long as you hang out outside. Dunkens, Koto, Slice Twin Falls Sandwich Co, Twin Beans, Mi Tierra, pretty much anywhere that serves food you can bring your pup.Even if you want to go shopping or when the farmers market starts, or pretty much any event Downtown. Take your pup down Main Street.

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    First Federal Park

    This park is great for the entire family, including your pup. Please, make sure that you clean up after them though. No kid wants to be playing in the splash pad and then step in dog poop. However, your pups can still go and have a great time.

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    Anchor Bistro and Bar

    Their outdoor seating is fantastic and they allow dogs. This is another place that always has some fantastic entertainment that is great for you and your pet. Plus, they have wonderful food. Just saying.

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    Canyon Rim Trail

    I feel like this is a given, but some people may not think about it. If you are going to walk near the Visitor's Center, around the bridge, or just down to the Evel Knevel jump site, it is all pet friendly. Get some exercise in and have fun site seeing.

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