I will go to Capitol Reef National Park.  If I can afford the gas!  It’s not a long drive from Twin Falls.  A little more than six hours, however.  The drive through the park is a long excursion.  Thrillist has the details if you click here.  For some reason, the park isn’t nearly as popular with tourists as neighboring Zion.  The latter requires a reservation because of its sheer popularity with the public.  You won’t have the competition at Capitol Reef.

You’ll also see petroglyphs, towering rock formations, and a nighttime sky without light pollution.  You’ll find archways carved by millennia of wind.  There are also slot canyons to explore.  CAUTION:  The slots may not be the best attraction for the claustrophobic.

You Can Overnight Inside and Outside the Park

You can find camping in the park for both tents and RVs.

There are some rustic inns near the park.  At one of those, you can spend the night in a covered wagon.

There are places you could easily get lost, so it’s always a good idea to tell friends and relatives in advance of where you plan to be for a few days.

The Park is a Geographic History Lesson

What I find most attractive is the hue of the rock formations.  These are definitely what I would call earth tones.  Much of the land was created as continents were shifting and rock was pushed from below the surface and well into the air.

You can very much get a virtual tour by checking out the park’s official website.  You’ll find details available for making camping reservations.

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