I didn't grow up in Idaho and honestly, I never imagined I would ever live here. More than a decade later I'm still here raising a family and I love it. We did a quick trip down to Utah over the weekend and on the way back my oldest daughter referred to herself as an Idahoan and it made me smile.

What Is Idaho Really Like

I've learned a lot about Idaho since I moved here and realized that there are quite a few misconceptions about the people and lifestyles in the state. Idaho is an excellent place for family fun and adventures. Some of the most beautiful scenery can be found here between the lakes, mountains, and buildings. Even the people are amazing, but you can get on the wrong side of an Idahoan by saying the wrong thing during a conversation.

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So, if you are new here, plan to move here, or want to come through for the best vacation of your life; don't stick your foot in your mouth by saying any of the phrases below. Or if you do wish to mess with an Idahoan, go ahead and say all the phrases below and see what happens.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash
Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

I'm From California (or Utah). There is an ongoing dialog in Idaho that everything wrong with the state can be blamed on Californians. I say it as a joke but I'm pretty sure there are many who actually believe it. Utah doesn't get as much flack but really if you aren't from here you're part of the problem.

Potatoes Taste Like Dirt. There is definitely more to Idaho than the famous potatoes, but those potatoes are delicious so don't rag on them.

Chubbuck Is The Best Town In America. If you really want to sound like a moron you can say this. Otherwise don't mention Chubbuck unless you are using it as a reference for something gross.

I Don't Think Anyone Needs To Own More Than One Gun. That's a surefire way to either see a bunch of guns or get into a lengthy conversation about gun rights. Do we need an arsenal of guns in every home? Probably not, but we love hunting, shooting stuff, and buying guns we don't need.

Do You Guys Only Grow Potatoes and Breed Cattle? The response will probably just be a solid 'No' because nobody wants to explain everything wrong with that assumption. Also, refer to point two about not dissing the taters.

I hope They Open A Vegan Restaurant Downtown. You may as well show yourself out the door right now.

What Do You Do For Fun Around Here? This one may be OK if said in the right context. Saying it because you are bored or judging might get you thrown off the Perrine Bridge with a parachute. If you are legitimately asking then you'll be sure to hear a number of great activities you can do on any given day in Idaho.

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