A couple of summers ago a new burger Joint opened in Twin Falls.  I popped in and tried the food (it was fine) and was serenaded by a musical soundtrack from my childhood and teen years.  Later, I commented to a friend about the age of the music.  She wrote back and suggested it was because we older folks have all the money in America (or at least she does).

In the broadcast business the younger demographic is the one we crave.  Strange, it’s not the same in restaurants, waiting rooms or elevators.  Judging by all the millennials living at home, those people don’t have pots in which to pee. 

The song is a ballad about a lost love.  It hit number one in late August of 1972!

Last week I was in a hotel room and saw a TV commercial for Ford trucks.  The song is a ballad about a lost love.  It hit number one in late August of 1972!  That was a couple of weeks before I entered the 5th grade.  The Watergate burglary had taken place just two months prior.  Thin Elvis was wowing sold out crowds at Madison Square Garden.  The Miami Dolphins were about to embark on the only undefeated championship season in NFL history.

Joe Frazier was heavyweight champion.  The Montreal Canadiens were gearing up for a season where they would win the club’s 12th Stanley Cup in 20 years.  Archie Bunker was TV’s most popular character.

The band Looking Glass is considered a “one-hit wonder”.  Brandy was a barmaid, left behind by a lover.  He possibly used her.  Or died at sea.  Or simply couldn’t commit.  The song was about a woman with a broken heart.  Now it sells F-150s.

To put the old song into context, it would be like using sheet music from 1915 to sell Fords in 1972!  You can see the band performing the song below:

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