"Project Nampa" strongly rumored to be an Amazon distribution center, has been postponed. 

The delay on this could be significant. Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling says she hopes it won't be more than a 12 to 18-month delay, but still, that's quite the setback.

According to KTVB, construction was supposed to start immediately, but we won't see any action at Franklin and Star Roads in the near future. Mayor Kling assures the public that the project is going forward the only thing that is being affected is the timeline.

Here's what "Amazon" had to say about the matter.

There are a variety of factors that we take into account when deciding to launch a facility - and we've found all of those in Nampa, Idaho and surrounding communities. The only thing that has changed with our plans is the exact timing. We are a dynamic business and it's common for us to adjust launch timetables based on business needs. We look forward to continuing our work in the great city of Nampa, Idaho.

Two major reasons I'm excited about this project is all of the jobs it will bring to our area and the fact that they are chipping in to help improve the roads in the area. No word on if the project delay will delay the road construction. I doubt it since they still seem pretty committed to Nampa.

"Project Bronco" we'll try to be patient, but we can't wait for you to get here!

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