This story is out of Eagle, Idaho. I am not sure if this is all Idahoans, maybe it is just the bigger cities or the areas that are a little bigger? Maybe it is only in Eagle. I don't know, but this family left because they felt like no one would accept them.

This broker shares information about moving to Idaho and he shared the story of a family that ended up moving away within 6 months. I don't know if this family left the state or just the town but she is no longer there.

Throughout the video he explains this family was not accepted by their neighbors, the teachers were even "clique-y" and she felt unwelcome. She stated her children would come home after school and feel like an outcast and outsider that would never fit in. That is really sad to hear.

Again, this is one family's experience in Eagle. So I am curious if this is something that is happening all across Idaho or is it just places like Eagle? I personally was welcome with open arms when I moved here. My neighbors have been fantastic, people are friendly and warm. I didn't go to school here so maybe that is part of the difference.

My family came up here and all they talked about was how friendly everyone here was. It can't be all of Idaho right? There is something going on in Eagle, I hope that people feel welcome when they move here.

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