Art and Soul of the Magic Valley is back. If you have seen the yellow flags all around town and you weren't sure what it was, that is the answer. You definitely need to check it out and see how talented the people in the Magic Valley are.

Art And Soul Of The Magic Valley Information

Art and Soul of the Magic Valley is a program that showcases some amazing artwork created by locals and people around the world. This is an art contest that you vote on. Art and Soul runs until July 2nd and you can vote for your favorite. Just make sure you check out all of them.

What Do The Yellow Flags Mean

The yellow flags with the red heart mean that location has a piece of the featured art. The art pieces can be anywhere from photography to paintings to sculptures. Basically, if it is unique, it can be featured. At each yellow flag the art is there and information about the artist who created the piece.

How To Vote For Your Favorite Piece Of Art

If you want to vote you have to be at least 16 years or older with valid photo identification. You can register in-person to vote from now until July 2nd at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts at 195 River Vista Place or at the Magic Valley Mall. You will get an ID and password so you can follow instructions on how to vote.

Artists Get Prizes For Their Work

The grand prize winner will receive $12 thousand dollars, second place received six thousand dollars, third place will receive three thousand dollars and fourth place will get $1,500 dollars. More money will be given to 19 others in the sum of $1,000 dollars. There are a ton of categories and amazing pieces to see.

More Details About Art And Soul

You can sponsor artists, help judge, donate to the cause, and more. Just go to their website and see how you can participate and support the cause. This is the 12th annual Art and Soul.

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