We often post about the wild animals in Yellowstone National Park, but today the focus is on the creatures of Idaho. A recent YouTube video shows Bald Eagles in Coeur d'Alene as they fish on a lake during a beautiful snow storm.

Bald Eagles In Idaho

The video shows a number of America's national bird as they enjoy dinner at a lake in Coeur d'Alene during a snow storm. The video is posted in slow motion so you can get a better feel for the beauty of the birds and the skill they have at fishing.

Bald Eagles In A Snow Storm

The captivating video of the Bald Eagles fishing was posted to the Tammy Ascher YouTube channel in January, but the video was recorded in late December of 2021. You can watch the video as it is posted to see it in slow motion or you can go to the settings and speed up the video to 2x speed to see it in real time.

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The Bald Eagles can usually be seen in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho during the winter months between November and February. They feast on the salmon of the local waterways. The estimated number of Bald Eagles in Idaho ranges between 480 to 832 birds

Tammy Ascher YouTube Channel

The Tammy Ascher YouTube channel is relatively new. The oldest video was posted only three months ago, but since then more than a dozen wildlife videos have been posted. You can see a variety of animals in the videos including Osprey, Sea Lions, Dolphins, Otters, and Snowy Egrets.

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