In almost every city I have lived in, road construction was a constant issue and a constant joke. The only exception was in Overland Park, Kansas. Maybe they don't believe in fixing roads and construction delays? Otherwise I have always dealt with construction delays and woes. In Las Vegas the construction is never-ending and I'm certain there are still projects happening that started a decade ago when I lived there. I also grew up in Utah and we all know that Utah roads are a daily gamble.

Even here in Twin Falls we are daily reminded that our town is growing, and doing it fast. That doesn't only affect us as drivers but it also puts the construction workers at constant risk as they work near moving traffic. That's why this week is National Work Zone Awareness Week, because sometimes we somehow miss the lines of orange cones and signs telling us to slow down.

All around Twin Falls right now there are road construction projects happening. Even projects that aren't technically on the road can also impact road traffic. Construction projects of buildings in downtown Twin Falls near the City Park and the 'skyscraper' by the Downtown Commons are also impacting road traffic. The new traffic light installation on Falls is the biggest traffic issue right now in town with lane closures and a reduced speed limit, but other projects are on the way that will close streets entirely.

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Grandview Drive will close in early May, the highway through Eden will get a makeover starting in May, and Heyburn will be hit with a bridge detour this summer. Those projects don't include any unexpected work that will happen due to the daily wear and tear. We just got news that Falls and Madrona is closed so they can fix a gutter issue.

It's important to know where the construction is happening in Twin Falls but it's also important to either avoid the construction areas or drive extra careful to help keep the construction workers safe as they do their jobs.

For details on the National Work Zone Awareness Week and what you can do to help, check out their website. The initiative is being hosted in Michigan with many other states participating. While Idaho is not on the list, the awareness is still important in keeping workers safe.

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