iTunes certainly seems to be in a giving spirit lately. First they delivered U2's new 'Songs of Innocence' album to every single one of their members free of charge, and now comes word that they're giving away a four-song EP containing some of the former Beatles' solo works.

"The members of the Beatles combined forces as a famously and indelibly fab quartet who forever changed the face of pop culture," explains the online entertainment store's teaser for the EP, titled '4.' "After the Beatles dissolved in 1970, each member pursued inimitable, electrifying solo careers that are remarkable in their own right. Explore their solo releases -- including a number of albums Mastered for iTunes."

Dedicated to tracing the "unique and distinctive solo musical path" blazed by George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr after the band's breakup, '4' brings together Lennon's 'Love,' from 1970's 'John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band,' McCartney's 'Call Me Back Again,' from the 1975 Wings LP 'Venus and Mars,' Harrison's 'Let It Down,' from 1970's 'All Things Must Pass,' and the 2010 Starr solo cut 'Walk With You.'

All four tracks are from recently released physical or digital reissues, with Lennon and Starr's appearing on their already-out solo 'Icon' collections and the others offering a preview of the ex-Beatles' newly Mastered for iTunes solo albums. You can take a look at the Mastered for iTunes offerings here, and download '4' at this link.

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