A recent rescue by the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office of a woman and a little girl on a paddleboard was chronicled on social media.

The rescue boat showed up at the extremely popular Blue Heart Springs in the Thousand Springs area of Southern Idaho to find a woman on a paddleboard with a small child stuck in the stringy vegetation that often grows in the cool waters. Somehow the woman had gotten stuck in the middle of a big patch of the vegetation making it impossible for her to move.

Watch below as Deputy Aguinaga pulls them to safety, with the help of a boat.

Blue Heart Springs Isn’t Just Clear Blue Waters

If you wonder how stuck the woman and child were, you can hear the deputy say ‘She is really in there’ after grabbing hold of the paddleboard and only moving it a few inches before it slips from his grasp.

The second attempt at retrieval was much more successful as the deputy gave the woman, possibly named Karinna Fay if you go by her TikTok account, a rope to hold on to. The video has more than 300 thousand views on social media. Thank goodness the situation ended with everyone smiling and a video to remember it by.

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The beautiful waters of Blue Heart Springs have become more and more popular each year and as the number of visitors rises so does the amount of trash. Who is to blame for the mess? Probably a combo of all types of visitors. Remember to take your trash with you and keep Blue Heart beautiful.

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