The guitar that Bob Dylan played at the infamous Newport Folk Festival in 1965 just sold for close to $1 million at auction. The sale of the guitar made news earlier this year, when it was revealed to be in the possession of a New Jersey family.

The Fender Stratocaster sold for for a record-breaking $965,000 at a New York City auction held by Christie's. According to the auction house, that's the highest price ever paid for a guitar at an auction. An anonymous bidder purchased the instrument.

The guitar was put up for auction by Dawn Peterson, whose father, Vic Quinto, was a pilot on private plane chartered by Dylan in 1965. The singer-songwriter left the instruments on the plane, and Quinto's family had stored it ever since.

Peterson's story came to light after an episode of the PBS show 'History Detectives' aired last year in which research experts figured out that the guitar was the same one Dylan used at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

That performance turned out to be such a big deal because it's the one where Dylan plugged in and went electric, shocking his old-time folk-music fans with his abrasive new sounds. It's a significant part of rock history, and the newly minted $1 million guitar can take most of the blame.

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