Source: WalletHub

It is no secret that a lot of people in Idaho have strong opinions on refugees and non-Idaho born people coming to the state. Maybe those strong feelings are rubbing off on our actual society and living situations.

Since we already knew that Idaho is not very racially diverse and only about 50% of those who live here were actually born here, this new information shouldn't come as a surprise. Idaho cities individually aren't very diverse either.
WalletHub has a few very interesting maps that show Boise compared to other big cities, and since 2009, Boise has consistently been one of the least diversified.


Here's where it gets interesting for Idaho. WalletHub also let's you compare cities within each state. Every city in Idaho, except 2, are in the bottom 200. The most diverse city in Idaho is Caldwell at 153rd and the least is Lewiston at 481st out of 501 - there are only 20 cities less diverse in the nation than in Lewiston! Twin Falls is just under national average at #319.

Source: WalletHub

The map above from WalletHub is interactive so if you weren't born here (chances are almost 50 percent you weren't) you can click on your birth town and state to see how diverse they are without you there.

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