We know that most celebrities seem to love living in their California mansions, but we also know that many celebrities love to escape that luxury by coming to Idaho. We are constantly hearing stories about the famous actors and musicians who come through our towns or have homes here.

Which Celebrities Love Idaho

Some celebs own homes in Idaho and others only come to visit. Members of the Kardashian family have been spotted recently in Northern Idaho and The Fonz (Henry Winkler) really loves fishing in Central Idaho. We've had sightings of Tom Hanks here in Southern Idaho at various restaurants and Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been longtime fans of the state. Some even call Idaho 'New North Hollywood' because of the appeal to famous actors.

Controversial Celebrity Stories From Idaho

Most of the stories we hear about celebrities in Idaho are relatively uneventful, just stories that are cool because the famous person was seen at a place we recognize. But, there are a few celebrity stories that have caused controversy. Possibly one of the most polarizing celebrities in Idaho is Bruce Willis. Stories about Willis come and go like the seasons: time goes by with nothing and then he wants to build his own airstrip. I think we are due for something soon.

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Why Did Bruce Willis Choose Hailey, Idaho

In the 'Haileywood' podcast, the host interviews Hailey residents and shares stories about the first time Willis visited the town. That was during a parade where he showed up dressed as a cowboy on a horse. The people loved it then. Eventually, the quiet town of Hailey was transformed into a popular place for celebrities and other visitors. The podcast has a few episodes that delve into what residents saw happening to their town and how they felt about the changes. There will be new podcast episodes each week until Christmas.

The Quickest Celebrity Engagements

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