I regularly back up my computer files...even though the only valuable ones I've got are 200 legally downloaded MP3s, some movies, and family pictures.

So I need to ask these people at the University of Oklahoma...if you're smart enough to CURE CANCER, how are you dumb enough not to back up your computer?

Ralf Janknecht is a researcher at Oklahoma.  He's been working on a cure for cancer, and believe it or not, he thinks he might have one.  And he had all the info stored on his MacBook.

The MacBook he left in his car last week when he went to a restaurant.  The MacBook that someone STOLE out of his car while he was in the restaurant.

And no, for whatever reason, Ralf had NOT backed up his files featuring the potential cure to cancer.

He and the school have released a statement BEGGING the person who stole the computer to bring it back.  Quote, "This would tremendously help us and you would do something for society."

They said they'll give a no-questions-asked $1,000 reward to anyone who brings back the computer...but so far, no one's come forward.

via Potential cancer cure lost with stolen laptop | THINQ.co.uk.