There appears to be some disagreement about Idaho’s favorite Halloween candy.  While shopping last weekend I noticed the shelves are already stocked and ready for the rush.  Candy can apparently last for quite some time on a shelf or in your pantry.  If I had to make my own short list of favorites, I’d start with peanut butter cups and then more peanut butter cups, although.  I also like Circus Peanuts and candy corn.  The latter two I’m often told leave me in a definite minority.

Do they track this through sales numbers or is someone simply throwing darts?
Still, one website makes the claim candy corn is Idaho’s favorite.  And we hear Starburst is number one in the Gem State.  The is actually the source for both claims!

Do they track this through sales numbers or is someone simply throwing darts?

Around the office, I find I’m not alone when it comes to peanut butter cups.  KitKat is also popular (there are some KitKat bars on a table in the kitchen area as I write).

When I was a kid there were some obnoxious guys in the neighborhood and they would vandalize homes giving out unpopular candies.  Usually anything with a chalky exterior.  The vandals favored rubbing bars of soap across windows, spraying shaving cream on porches and wrapping toilet paper in trees.  Many of these hoodlums graduated to the county jail in a few short years.

I always liked some variety and there was always some strange fellow down the street I could swap sweet and sour candy with for a few extra peanut butter cups and M&M’s.  The latter, by the way, are the most popular candy in Oregon according to one of these surveys.  Better than Starburst for sure!

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