Dairy Queen is celebrating the beginning of Spring with free ice cream. I'm not joking, the land of blizzards and free ice cream if it falls out when it flips is giving away free small vanilla cones on March 20.

So maybe I'm hyping this up because I LOVE ICE CREAM. But honestly, I have some really fond memories of eating DQ in college. The town I was studying in has a seasonal shop, so opening day is a huge deal in Waverly, Iowa. In fact, I love ice cream so much, that in 2017 I actually stopped editing a project so my friend and I could take about 20 minutes to walk and get our free cones.

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If you're an ice cream lover like me, the only things to note with their promotion is that 1) the Dairy Queen location has to be participating and 2) It can't be a mall location.

The only downside to the giveaway in my opinion- is that the lines can be a little intense, so you might have to wait a bit for your free cone. Lucky for us there are TWO Dairy Queen locations in Twin Falls and according to their map, there's even one in Jerome if you potentially want a shorter line.

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