David Gilmour's upcoming solo album is progressing nicely, says longtime collaborator Phil Manzanera. “It’s going very well,” Manzanera told Uncut. “I think it sounds fantastic. People will be very happy.”

Manzanera co-produced Gilmour's most recent album, 2006's On an Island, and is a member of his solo band too. The Roxy Music member co-wrote "One Slip" for Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason album in 1987, and also served as co-producer of Floyd's surprise album, 2014's The Endless River.

That looks to be Pink Floyd's finale, however, as Gilmour said he's “really enjoying my life and my music. There’s no room for Pink Floyd. The thought of doing any more causes me to break out in a cold sweat.”

Instead, Gilmour plans to complete his still-untitled solo album in 2015 and follow it up with a series of small theater dates -- "an old-man's tour, not a 200-date sort of thing," he said. "There haven't been many discussions about the tour. But places like Radio City Hall sound like the right sort of vibe for me."

Gilmour's new project arrives as Roxy Music close up shop, having announced their latest split in November. The group also broke up in 1983, and Manzanera noted that another reunion somewhere down the line isn't out of the question.

“Last year I said, ‘I think our job is done,'" Manzanera said. “Everyone thought, ‘Roxy’s split -- again.’ Not at all! If we fancied having another go, there’s no rules."

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