In an exclusive new video interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll actor and comedian Denis Leary says he understands why bands break up. What he doesn't understand is why they just don't get back together. You can watch the video above.

"I love the fact that all of our favorite bands – the [Rolling] Stones, Aerosmith, N.W.A – they can't exist with each other for very long without getting into huge fights and disagreements," Leary says. "Some of them get through it and survive, but then you hear about Robert Plant getting offered $800 million to tour with Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page this past summer. He just couldn't bring himself to do it. I mean, when I hate people, I really hate people. I come from an Irish family, and we express our rage. We hate each other. We hold grudges. But if you came to me and said, 'I'm going to give you $800 million to, you know, run around naked while Led Zeppelin's onstage,' I'm naked for the summer, you know what I mean?"

In the new FX sitcom (which premieres tonight), Leary plays Johnny Rock, whose ambitious daughter (Elizabeth Gillies) wants him to get his old band back together. They're not offered Led Zeppelin money, but there's a similar theme of trying to work through past history at play here.

"That's actually the story of my band," Leary notes. "It's not $800 million, but it is a sort of life-saving amount of money for my character. I have to say, if I was Robert Plant, I would be on tour right now. I would be Jimmy Page's best friend for the next three months."

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