Idaho’s health emergency is over.  The statement may be subject to interpretation.  Lawyers make a lot of money breaking down language many of us consider quite clear on the surface.  I came into work Wednesday morning and planned to spend some time on-air talking about Governor Brad Little’s decision to move Idaho back to stage 3 of his COVID-19 recovery plan.

I mentioned it during the first hour of the program and suggested you wouldn’t know Southern Idaho was under a declaration.  Other than seeing masked people shopping, the restaurants are busy, schools open and streets bustling. 

Most people have taken steps on their own in an effort to stay healthy.  The others, well, they wouldn’t follow rules no matter what penalties would be in store.  For the same reason why we have locks on our doors and have jails.

State Representative Megan Blanksma was a guest in hour number two of the show.  She told me the emergency declaration was over.  It’s her interpretation of this line in the statement issued by the Governor Tuesday.  It reads, “The Stay Healthy Order dated December 30, 2020 is hereby rescinded”.  You can find it listed as number four by clicking here.

Representative Blanksma explains there is no extension listed.  No new order.  In her view, everything else discussed in the document is nothing more than a suggestion.  A friend here at the office questions whether this is the end of the initial declaration 11 months ago.  I suppose this is where the legal people would argue.  Does the original order need to be periodically renewed?  Are we talking separate elements of the initial order?  From the perspective of health guidelines, I tend to side with the Representative’s position.  Megan Blanksma represents Elmore, Owyhee Counties and a portion of Twin Falls County.  She serves as the House Majority Caucus Chair.


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