We had a moment of strife in my house yesterday because we couldn't agree on the proper way to eat a bag of M&M's candies. It all started because we had fun size bags of the candies and my son, like a barbarian, tore open a corner and dumped the whole thing into his mouth. He had zero cares for the color of the M&M's or how many were in the bag. I didn't raise my son like this, so we sat down as a family to talk. After about a half an hour, the majority of us decided there isn't a right way to eat candy except that you definitely don't just dump them into your mouth!

OCD Candies

All of us (with the exception of my son) eat the candies in some sort of an order. That order is different, but basically comes down to making sure there is an equal number of each color by eating the colors there are more of. You can see the options we came up with in my house in the pictures above. The other option not pictured depends on whether you have a favorite color/flavor. Then you have to add in the group of people who will either eat their favorite one first or last and then eat the rest in a color coded order. This doesn't just apply to M&M's either. This goes for Skittles, gummy bears, and even variety fun sized candy bars.

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