I think the simple answer in Idaho is no.  If you Google Christmas tree shortages, you get stories from across America and around the globe.  One of my favorite publications this week suggested the shortage was especially acute in the northwest because of a poor summer in Washington and Oregon, however.  I know from experience a great many of our local trees are cut in Washington.

It Depends on Who You Ask

I stopped one afternoon at the corner of Addison Avenue and Washington Street and I spoke with someone in the know.  The man who operates the lot laughed when I asked about a shortage.  “We hear that a lot,” he explained but hearing is different than seeing.  There are plenty of trees.  Business may be a little slower than last year at this time, but you can chalk some of that up to the weather.  It doesn’t look like Christmas yet.  Put a little snow on the ground and you’ll see sales of trees pick up.

I was reading about the southeast.  North Carolina is one of the largest producers of Christmas trees.  The region also hasn’t witnessed a shortage of trees.

A Great Option for the Environment

By the way, did you know that buying real versus artificial trees is better for the environment?  Real trees can be mulched and the like.  The ones you assemble out of a box have a lot of plastic in components.

I bought a tree at a big box store in the late 1990s.  A relative with asthma had issues with real pines.  But my relative now lives on the other side of the country and we don’t visit at Christmas.  I don’t believe the tree has been out of the box more than once over the last 15 years.

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