Maybe he saw what you did with a microwave and those peeps.  The Easter Bunny intervened in a fight in Florida.  You can watch the video below (caution, there is strong language).

Apparently, the guy in the bunny outfit saw some drunken fellow belt a woman.  The bunny stepped in and administered some justice.  This isn’t what I would’ve expected from Jimmy Stewart’s buddy, Harvey, although.  Stewart’s friend in the movie was never actually seen and looked out for drunks.

In the latest twist to this story, it appears the guy in the bunny costume in Florida is wanted as a fugitive in New Jersey.  Does he get to keep wearing the costume in the lock-up?  He does appear to be one tough rabbit.

I chuckled watching the video, especially when the police arrived.  You’ll notice them calmly speaking with the rabbit as if nothing at the scene is out of the ordinary.

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