You may have heard of Uber before, it is kind of like a Taxi company but most drivers only take passengers in their spare time. Did you know that Uber is in Twin Falls though? I didn't until now, thanks to a scary story from up in Nampa.

A woman was waiting for her Uber car and a man allegedly pulled up, said he was her ride and she got in. It wasn't until she was on her way that she realized that this wasn't really an Uber car or driver. KIVI TV has the full story on their site.

Luckily that woman made it home safely. But, it's a pretty scary situation that could just as easily happen here in Twin Falls. Did you even know we had Uber drivers in the Magic Valley? You often wouldn't know an Uber from a regular car, which is what makes the above story so scary and real. If you aren't careful it really could happen to you. The Uber company does a good job of preventing fake driver situations but if a passenger isn't aware of all the details or information sent through the app, anything can happen. There are even helpful YouTube videos.

If you are interested in becoming an actual Uber driver (some people say it is good money) the company site says they are looking for drivers.

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