One of the most famous wolves in Yellowstone National Park is gone. The white wolf, known as Queen B, has been euthanized.

I first saw this report from County 10 and confirmed it through Fox News. According to Fox, hikers found Queen B several days ago with severe injuries.

P.J. White of the National Park Service says hikers found the female wolf Tuesday on the north side of the park.

She was apparently one of the 3 wolf pack leaders in the park.

There is a fascinating website called Yellowstone Wolf that documents different wolf packs around the park. According to them, there is only one wolf in this pack that has a tracking collar. Based on tracked movements, they've never found that this pack has ever threatened any humans.

My family visited Yellowstone for the first time last summer. One of the impressions we came away with was the wild nature of the animal population there where the possibility of seeing an animal you wouldn't see anywhere else is possible.

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