Apparently, all the sci-fi movies and TV shows got it wrong: the center of the Universe is right here in Idaho. You don't need scientists or spaceships to get there. You only need a car and a day off to travel.

The Center of the Universe

I also think the Hollywood directors have greatly exaggerated how cool the center of the Universe is. In movies, it is always a beautiful location amidst the stars and other glowing planets. Nope. In fact, if you didn't know to look out for it you could walk right through the center of the Universe and never know it.

Center of the Universe Manhole Cover in Wallace, Idaho

In 2004, the Mayor of Wallace declared that the city was the center of the Universe and if you disagree, try to prove it isn't. Atlas Obscura has the interesting story behind the claim. They also give some other cool useless info about the town. Wallace is a small town, just four blocks by nine blocks, and all the buildings in the historic downtown are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Wallace, ID Has Other Interesting Claims

At one point, Wallace was called the Silver Capital of the World. During the boom, and for many years afterward, the town was also well known as a place for questionable activities at the numerous brothels in the town.

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Two of those old historic brothel buildings were recently the topic of one of our stories as one is for sale and the other has been remodeled and can be rented out by the room. See pictures of those buildings below:

Lux Rooms Brothel Air BnB in Wallace, ID

The Luxette Brothel in Wallace, ID

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