I'm about to gain five pounds.  Katie with the Girl Scouts was just in our studio to remind us that the window on cookie orders is about to close.  Even though there are sales going on everywhere, I suppose it is possible to miss one if you're not looking. 

Behold,  the Cookie Locator App!  With a flick of your finger on your smartphone, you can search by location and date to find the scheduled sales near you.

I just did a search for Twin Falls and found these sales:

March 11th and 12th: at Walmart,

Friday the 14th

  • D&B Supply,
  • Both Twin Falls Walgreens locations
  • Fred Meyer
  • Lowes
  • Sportsmans Warehouse
  • more locations

Saturday the 15th

It's a free App for either iPhone or Android.  Go get it.

No smartphone?  Just enter your zip code in the online cookie finder and it'll take you to a sale near you.

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