I have said it so many times before, Twin Falls needs a central location for all the food trucks to come together for easy access to all the greatness available. We have found some places that would be absolutely perfect to have a food truck park.

  • 1

    Behind Albertson's

    That massive open dirt area could be perfect! There is plenty of space, it could easily be paved, and it is pretty easy to access. There are multiple ways to get in and out of there. You could fit all the food trucks in that one open area.

  • 2

    Over near Bowladrome

    There is a lot of open space over there. I know it is being renovated for more storage units and things, but there could be some serious space for food trucks. And again, it is pretty easy to access.

  • 3

    Twin Falls City Park

    It has to be one of the most popular parks in Twin Falls and it is located in Downtown Twin Falls where so many events take place. It is easy walking distance from businesses down there, easy to access, lots of people, and you can pull up onto the sidewalks there.

  • 4

    The High Schools

    Both of the high schools could be a great place to park. All those high school kids coming out starving, the teachers looking for a quick meal during breaks, the general public stopping by for events, and such. Great idea.

  • 5

    Sunway Soccer Complex

    During the summer especially, this would be a great place for all the trucks to come together and park. There are a lot of events going on, people love to take their kids to the splash pads over at First Federal Park, and lots of hungry athletes all over the place.

  • 6


    The College of Southern Idaho has a ton of sidewalks and open areas where these food trucks can park. Again, lots of hungry people trying to rush between classes looking for something quick and delicious. Plus, the people that live in the dorms or apartments around the area.

  • 7

    The Old Gerties Building

    Even if you don't utilize the building, that parking lot is huge. Plus, that building could be the "sit down" sheltered area for everyone to go in, enjoy their meals, maybe even have some fund games or something in there.

  • 8

    By Blue Rock Farm Market

    I know that area is developing fast, but there is enough space around there to host a food truck park. The people looking for fresh produce, people across the street at the hospital looking for something other than hospital food. Great place.

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